And there was a Master of Ceremonies

Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, ladies and gentlemen; Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the Kit Kat Klub! Ich bin euer Conferencier, je suis votre compere, I am your host! So, life is disappointing? Forget it! I have but one request of you, and that is for you to leave your troubles outside. We have no troubles here! In here, life is beautiful.

If you happen to be rich, and you feel like a night's entertainment, I think you'll find my perfectly marvellous girls and boys to be fabulous sources of stimulation. If you don't happen to be rich . . . Well, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, ja? We are very good at keeping all your little indiscretions strictly within these walls, so fear not. Many a fine affair has taken place in this cabaret, and I am sure that many more are to come.

So come hear the music play, my Lieblings, at Berlin's most tantalisingly infamous cabaret.

{ So now that I’ve stopped laughing (thank you to showyoulater and hermann-schmidt for being my first ports of call when the hysterical laughter set in upon opening my inbox), I suppose I should address the ten colourful anonymous messages I received this evening - shortly after this OOC post.

I’m going to assume that these are all from the same person. You know why? Because they were all sent in the space of twenty minutes, as you can see from the timestamps. I also have a rough idea who sent these messages, but I’m not going to go around naming names and pointing fingers on the off chance that I’m wrong. I will just say that if I’m right, I’m hardly surprised.

Those of you on mobile, I cannot apologise enough. This is a long one, but I wasn’t in the mood to let this crap go un-addressed. The rest of you, it’s under a cut. To be honest I’ve found the whole thing wildly entertaining to respond to, and I know the two people I’ve discussed it with already have had a laugh at this anon’s expense.

Those of you who may be concerned by the tags, please don’t worry. I am genuinely fine, even if my muscles are a little sore from laughing.

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@Alancumming: Here’s a vid we made for our chum Don Bachardy

{ Somewhat overdue (in some cases at least!) OOC replies to lostmxrbles, yellingtheirdevotion, alessiagiudicelli, theinfxmousbxthingbeauty and cxndrillon under the cut… }

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{ Planning to be around on here tomorrow - I have a piece of work to do for university, but I’m hoping to get it finished tonight (along with making some icons). I already know I’ll be in no mood to do any research for my dissertation tomorrow, and will need some form of distraction for reasons I’d rather not disclose.

I’ve actually managed to get everything I owe compiled at long last, so I’m hoping to get through a sizeable chunk of things before I’m next needed in a lecture on Wednesday.

Thanks for sticking around you lot also how have I gained followers recently I mean what, and apologies to those of you on Skype I’ve completely dropped the ball with - the end of this week has been unpleasant. }

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{ Doing some much needed admin over here while I try and keep my blood pressure down }

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Anonymous inquired:

Do you think Emma will be a good Sally?

{ I’m reserving my judgement on Emma Stone as Sally Bowles until a) she has actually taken over the role and b) I have my hands on both an audio and video bootleg of her.

Full disclosure: I have never liked Emma Stone in anything that I have seen her in (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a large portion of her filmography). But she may surprise me, and so I will approach her Sally with as open a mind as possible.

Lots of women have played Sally Bowles, many with vastly differing interpretations and many of whom have surprised theatregoers who had preconceived ideas about them. I’ve seen a lot of Sallys in my time - both on stage and via bootlegs - and am intrigued to see what road Emma takes the character down.

In case this message was inspired by my last OOC post, I feel I should add that my irritation today stems from the inconsiderate posting habits of some Tumblr users, rather than Emma herself.

I have three other anons in my inbox asking me the same question, so I do hope you all see this. }

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Glanzstraße, Baumschulenweg, Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin

Coat’s Thin as Paper || Open RP


Shirt undone, Victor sighed the deep, long sigh of someone who knows that they’re not going to achieve their goal - the goal in this case being making the Emcee rest. But who knows, maybe I can do something

Playacting, he forced a cheeky smirk cross his lips before reaching for the other man’s chin and pulling his face up to look at his own. Making a show of examining him, he gave a look of grudging acceptance before speaking. ‘Well, I suppose you can go on… with one condition.’

He raised an eyebrow then, though it was a mere shadow of his usual expression. He recognised the sight, and recognised that Victor was pretending. He’d won, though it was the dictionary definition of a hollow victory. Dark eyes found the younger man’s as Victor tilted his head up, expression more or less impassive as he was given the once over.

"Name your terms, Liebling."

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#BENWHISHAWWEEK — October 15th, 2014
Favorite Photoshoot/Interview: Wonderland Magazine (Nov/Dec 2009)