And there was a Master of Ceremonies

Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, ladies and gentlemen; Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the Kit Kat Klub! Ich bin euer Conferencier, je suis votre compere, I am your host! So, life is disappointing? Forget it! I have but one request of you, and that is for you to leave your troubles outside. We have no troubles here! In here, life is beautiful.

If you happen to be rich, and you feel like a night's entertainment, I think you'll find my perfectly marvellous girls and boys to be fabulous sources of stimulation. If you don't happen to be rich . . . Well, I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, ja? We are very good at keeping all your little indiscretions strictly within these walls, so fear not. Many a fine affair has taken place in this cabaret, and I am sure that many more are to come.

So come hear the music play, my Lieblings, at Berlin's most tantalisingly infamous cabaret.

And on my way out I passed a nude Alan Cumming on a chaise lounge being photographed for our BCEFA Calendar coming to you this fall!

{ I don’t understand why it is so difficult for certain new additions to the Alan Cumming tag to a) source the goddamn photos they post and b) actually include the captions on said photos.

Sorry. This kind of thing irks me no end. }

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gloriouswoman entered the cabaret

"If I had a— what is it you use, a pound? - for every English person who had found their way into this club in recent years,” He began, speaking lightly accented English as he moved to occupy the previously empty space beside the young woman at the bar, sparing her just the most fleeting of glances as he did so. “I’d be much better off than I currently am.”

He was making assumptions, of course, but one did not do this job for as long as he had without learning how to observe people. And there was amusement in his tone, something that had been somewhat rare of late.

"But I’m being obtuse, don’t mind me." He flashed her a brief smirk. "Good evening, Liebling. Welcome to the Kit Kat Klub."

"…and you drink a little too much and try a little too hard. And you go home to a cold bed and think, That was fine. And your life is a long line of fine."

—Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl)

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rosesarepetalsofthecheek entered the cabaret


Rosie stook out her tongue. “Why would I bother?”, she grinned tilting her head, “You are no use to me anyway liebling. Ow Emcee, I’m not a dog. If you say good girl you might as well give me a collar”

"Oh the cheek of it, honestly.” He feigned annoyance, but his smirk was back as soon as she complained. “Darling, save your kinks for Lulu.”

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"in order to understand,
i destroyed myself."

— F E R N A N D O   P E S S O A  (via fromthisabyss)

        Please look closely and find her before she fades away




{It’s in London, you have no excuse not to! xD No but seriously, the entire Broadway version with Elena Roger is on youtube and so’s the audio for the recent UK tour and you should watch it and then I can cry with you about how amazing it is!! GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION!}

{ The internet was being an asshole so we watched the film because we had it laying around and I like it, although I feel like a stage version might be more my sort of thing - I shall take a look at the Elena Roger one. Thanks for the recommendation! I have a lot of feelings and I feel like a stage version would make them even worse omg }

{ My main issue stems from the fact that Madonna does not make

a) a convincing fifteen year old
b) a convincing thirty-three year old
c) a convincing any of the in between
d) a convincing singer or actress

But I’ll just be over here lamenting the fact that people seem to believe the opposite }